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Professional Drone Services 



Agrimapic is a Drone-Enabled Systems company, providing advanced Photo Geometric Services complete with professional analysis systems in order to provide customers unique and powerful big data information.
This data can then be delivered as 2D or 3D images as well as models enabling our agricultural customers to increase crop yield and profits with information like NDVI. We can drastically increase surveyor efficiency providing them Ortho photos and DEM`s (Digital Elevation Model). 
We also provide aerial solutions for:

  • Monitoring gas leaks

  • Surveillance & security systems

  • Real-estate assessments

  • Filming 


In addition Agrimapic provides turn-key solutions for customers who would like to have an ultra-reliable aerial UAV system custom designed for their own purposes.


The SkyMapper 1900 fixed wing UAS is one of the leading drones in the world for Construction, Environmental Conservation, Mining, Precision Agriculture and Surveying. 


It’s the perfect platform for regularly acquiring highly detailed and actionable data for large-scale operations such as farming, construction and conservation, as well as search and rescue and emergency response. We’ve chosen a lightweight and robust foam frame, which translates to less risk and cost per flight and multiplies the cost-effectiveness of our platform.

SkyMapper 1900 has been tested in thousands of hours of flight and has proven in hundreds of applications to be reliable, safe, and easy to use. The SkyMapper can fly 4,000 Dunham    

(1,000 acre) in 100 minutes at 5cm resolution completely autonomously at a cost of pennies per acre. 

The ROBOMAPIC 680PRO is the perfect tool for creating high-resolution Visual-Spectrum Aerial maps. The platform offers low-flying and high accuracy mapping, with a fully redundant propulsion system for increased reliability.


The ROBOMAPIC 680PRO can take off and land even in the tightest areas, which makes the vehicle compatible with just about any type of terrain. And because the ROBOMAPIC 680 PRO can fly at low altitudes and at slow speeds, it can capture images with a level of detail and precision that’s impossible to acquire with manned flights or satellite imagery.


Our Services

Agrimapic offers a variety of aerial services. Starting with aerial photography and video through complete mapping and modeling systems.
Our services are provided using state of the art autonomous drone systems providing GPS based photos. This technology allows us to provide unique, wide and accurate geographical information such as Ortho Photo, Digital Elevation Module and more.
You can find out more about our services below.

Precision Agriculture
Land Survey
Aerial Video
& Photography
Real Estate,
& Archaeology 

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